Sightseeing Tour

Near Hotel Erodios

Sightseeing tour near Kerkini Lake



Another historic site is situated at Kalokastro. It is the British cemetery used by the 40th Victim Identification Station during World War I. Later, In the same cemetery, some graves from the battlefields of Strouma were transferred. In this cemetery 933 British, 2 Indian, 1 British from South India, 1 Maltese, 9 Greek, 5 Bulgarian and 4 Turkish soldiers are buried.


Distance 18,5 klm from hotel Erodios



is a fortress at the north border of Central Macedonia, Greece, built in 1914. It became part of the fortifications of the Metaxas Line in the 1930s and became famous for its defence during the German invasion of Greece in April 1941. In the gallery, the visitor has the opportunity to feel the moments of the battle. Walking the wards and in the side aisles there are dioramas that depict the Greek fighters battle forts (gunner, doctor to doctor’s caring for injured, the sergeant in his office and the office of captain and more.


Distance 38 klm from hotel Erodios





Take a boat cruise on the lake

More than 300 bird species have been observed in the Lake Kerkini National Park. 137 of these species nest, 134 overwinter and 163 use the wetland and the surrounding area as an intermediate resting and foraging stop in their migration routes.

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Bike Ride

Bike Ride around Lake Kerkini

The peaceful wetland around the lake turned our riding into a thrilling experience. The routes that made us fall in love with this place are full with colours, smells, and constantly changing landscapes.

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Horse Ride

Horse tour around the lake

You can live a different experience when choosing to explore the area by riding a horse. A ride with these beautiful creatures alongside the lake or in a riparian forest, will be something to remember.

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